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Product Design, UX, UI



UX, UI, Motion



Product Design, UI, Motion

Museum AR Tour Spatial Computing, AR, VR, MR Wing Drone Delivery Web Commerce Apps & Systems AR AI Creative Coding - ArtCenter Media Design Master's program Motion XR - motion-based XR platform Body in Motion - full-body AR interface Gesture AI - gesture input on smart watches DoorDash Driver App - bring efficiency and delight to drivers Google Internship - camera firmware dev internal tool & E-ink displays ObjectUI - AR on everyday objects Flash - Idea Journaling App Calor - Smart Shower Faucet Turo - Smart Thermometer Playground Easter Egg - Landing Page Interaction Animations, movies, and motion design Marking important messages in Facebook Messenger A collection of graphic design work from Parsons 2014 summer program An AR app that effortlessly locates your car